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about us

We bring you the elegant touch of silver and unique designs.

Our organization is Galatia Peium A.Ş. In 2019, we set out with the aim of opening our filigree silver (Ankara/Beypazarı) jewelry, which is produced with high quality and original designs in the local market, to the world markets.

Archaeological research reveals that silver jewelry has been accepted as an indispensable product throughout history. The same research also shows that people have continued to generate ideas on silver jewelry and develop different production techniques throughout history. One of the most striking of these techniques is the filigree technique. Filigree is a handicraft that has been going on for centuries and is a jewelry production method in which specially processed silver is preferred by women as a monument of elegance and beauty.

The finesse required in this type of jewelry does not allow products to be made solely through mass production. For this reason, they maintain their feature of being original products that reflect hand labor, skill and experience.

Our products are produced with great success based on this production technique, in which historical knowledge, experience and personal talent play an important role. We believe that you will notice these features of our products and be satisfied.

While we sell silver jewelry and vintage products mainly on the Etsy platform in our online sales, we have created a coaster collection consisting of hundreds of different designs. These art-quality coasters are produced with high-quality sublimation printing on cork. It can also be used as a miniature painting, handmade to order. We also offered our unique filigree products for sale on the same website. Thus, our store offers two basic products together: coasters/miniature paintings and filigree silver jewelry.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist you.

Contact information:

    • Email: srs. coaster@gmail. com
  • Telephone: +905434641499