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La Toilette by Antoine Watteau Coaster

La Toilette by Antoine Watteau Coaster

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    Elevate your home/office decor with our unique coasters!

    Not just functional, but also beautiful:

    Our coasters feature elegant holders that transform them into mini display stands.

    Add a touch of French Rococo to your home with our La Toilette coaster. This coaster is made of high-quality cork and features a vibrant sublimation print of the famous painting by Antoine Watteau. The coaster is 3.74 inches in diameter and 1/6 inch thick, making it the perfect size for your coffee table, bar, or dining room.

    About the Painting:

    La Toilette (The Toilette) is a painting by French artist Antoine Watteau. It was painted in 1719 and is now on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

    The painting depicts a scene in a bedroom where a young woman is dressing with the help of her maid. The woman is seated in front of a mirror, and her maid is holding up a dress for her to try on. The painting is full of Rococo details, such as the elaborate costumes, the ornate furniture, and the lush garden setting.

    Watteau is known for his paintings of fêtes galantes, which are scenes of outdoor parties and celebrations. La Toilette is one of his most famous paintings and is considered a masterpiece of French Rococo art.


    Made of high-quality cork
    Sublimation print of Antoine Watteau's La Toilette painting
    3.74 inches in diameter
    1/6 inch thick

    Order your La Toilette coaster today and add a touch of French Rococo to your home!

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