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Casanovas Heimfahrt, Arthur Schnitzler, 1952

Casanovas Heimfahrt, Arthur Schnitzler, 1952

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This is a description for a book of Arthur Schnitzler’s novella “Casanova’s Homecoming”, released in 1952 by Reclam Verlag 123.

(As can be seen in the picture, the first page of the book is torn off and there is some tear in the upper left corner of the broken page.)

The novella is about the last days of the famous adventurer and lover, Giacomo Casanova, who returns to Venice after 18 years of exile. He tries to rekindle his old flames and passions, but finds himself disillusioned and disappointed by the changes in the city and the people. He also faces the danger of being arrested by the Inquisition for his libertine lifestyle. The novella is a tragicomic portrait of a man who is unable to adapt to his time and place 12.

This book is a rare and collectible item for any Arthur Schnitzler fan or book lover. You can enjoy reading this book at home or on the go. However, please note that the first page of the book is torn and there is a slight tear at the beginning, which may affect your reading experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of literary history. Order this Arthur Schnitzler Casanova’s Homecoming book today and experience the magic of timeless masterpieces. You will not regret it!
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