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Time International, News Magazine, No: 21, May 27, ,1991

Time International, News Magazine, No: 21, May 27, ,1991

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Step into 1991 with this Time International Collector's Item!

This well-preserved issue of Time International News Magazine (No. 21, May 27, 1991) offers a fascinating time capsule of the world in the early 90s.

Uncover South Africa's story: Dive deep into a critical analysis of Apartheid with a featured "Report Card" on the dismantling of this oppressive system.

Explore the magic (and reality) of Orlando: Travel to the heart of Florida's burgeoning tourist destination with an article exploring the rise of Orlando as a "fantasy land" inspired by Disney World.

A valuable piece of history: This vintage magazine, with expected signs of wear, provides a unique perspective on a pivotal moment in South Africa and the ever-evolving world of theme parks.

Perfect for collectors: This issue is a treasure trove for anyone interested in world history, social justice movements, or the cultural impact of theme parks.

Don't miss this chance to own a piece of the past!

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